Originally an installation piece, this video brings together various geographies from around the world onto diverse spaces of the screen, punctuated by citations by Roland Barthes on photography. Spanning scenes of an airplane cabin over Cyprus, the Mosque of Fatehpur Sikri, a rickshaw in Delhi, my Uncle Dakhorbhai, a paramecium and a voyage through a road block in the West Bank, this video bridges the visual videographic image with Bathes’ notion of Studium and Punctum. Studium, for Barthes, is that element of a photographic image which creates interest in the photographic image–the Studium reveals the intention of the photographer in reverse. The photographer thinks of the idea and takes the photo; the spectator, however, sees the photograph and then must attempt to decipher the photographer’s intentions. Culture plays a role in this. The Punctum is the object that umps out at the viewer within a photographic image. Punctum and Studium can co-exist but Punctum will disturb Studium. Punctum is that rare detail that draws the spectator to the image. This video, spanning various spaces, one of which is a means of travel between space and cultures, we can only wonder to what extent the Studium and the Punctum might be, in today’s world of hyper-mediatization, no longer applicable in a world where we are bombarded with movement, images, and a constantly changing modality for being updated via this media.